Morcillote 2023

On the weekend of November 3 to 5, 55 AEGEE members met to spend a few days of film, celebrating our famous Morcillote. The AEGEE-Burgos partners were joined by other partners from the antennae of León, Valladolid, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Madrid, Alicante, Castellón, Valencia, Tarragona, Barcelona, ​​Florencia, Niş, Padova, Naples and Nijmegen.

On Friday, the participants were received with a welcome pack and some ice-breaking games to get to know each other. After some games, we moved on to celebrate the European Night in which we were able to enjoy typical food and drinks from the participants’ cities. Then it was on to the casino night, where we all dressed up in our best clothes and played Roulette, Blackjack, Goose…before moving on to the party night where we danced the night away.

Saturday morning began with a good breakfast in collaboration with Flor Burgalesa (thank you very much for trusting us once again). Later we divided into groups and to get into the Hollywood theme we were given some films with a handicap to represent.

The afternoon’s activities included a wine tasting and a workshop on building bridges and adapting to different cultures. After these workshops came dinner and the highly acclaimed gynkana in which participants had to dress up in groups and discover a mystery through different worlds (Marvel, Harry Potter, Madmax, Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars).

The day of farewell was on Sunday, which began with a Workshop on the use we give to technologies and was a space to reflect and open ourselves to others. Afterwards we had the meal that ended with the presentation of the MorciAwards (congratulations to all the winners).

Thank you very much to all the participants for attending the event, it has been a weekend for the memory and history of AEGEE-Burgos!!!